First, the smart lock, as a home security guard, has simple and easy-to-understand operations. The visual man-machine interface and intelligent voice navigation function can clearly understand the working status of the door lock. The user can open it by fingerprints, passwords, cards and other methods. The door lock makes it easier for users to operate.

Second, the use of virtual password function technology to make the home safer, that is, entering any number before or after the correct password as a virtual password can effectively prevent the risk of password leakage and at the same time unlock the door.

Third, use the mobile APP application to open the door. The remote control of the mobile device APP should be the biggest feature of the smart door lock, and it is also part of the future development and progress of the smart home system. With the mobile APP tool, no matter how far away the user is, You can easily move your fingers to complete the operation of opening the door lock.

Fourth, the anti-peephole function. For the anti-theft door, it is easy to pass through the peephole hole, and then use the steel wire to turn the handle to open the door, which cannot ensure sufficient safety performance. However, the smart lock is protected by patented technology. The safety handle button is added to the indoor handle setting. The anti-cat eye function knob needs to be turned off before the door lock can be opened, thus bringing a safer use environment.

Fifth, the biometric fingerprint recognition technology uses the unique fingerprint of the human body as the door lock key, which is convenient and safe.